1993 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

I know I said my next car was going to be a retractible. I know I said I'd never have another black car. I know I said I'd never have another car with a timing belt. Never say never again.

"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft a-gley"

I had enough cars. Did have an available space in the back garage but was using for AC testing. So a "friend" sends me an e-mail containing a Craigslist posting for a Grand Prix and immediately some magic words jump out at me: DOHC. Five-speed. 4 wheel disk brakes with ABS. Bit more study shows that this is a 1993, the "Twin Dual Overhead Cam" engine (LQ1) was introduced in 1991 and after '93 was available with automatic only.

Photos on CL were distorted but can see it needs some work (mostly AC and cosmetics) has a Corvette spoiler, aftermarket rims (17") and Kenwood radio with a JVC changer and powered subwoofers. Also has over 100k miles on clock

After some exchange, an appointment was made to see the car so with a friend along for sanity & a tow dolly I go to look. Must admit intially I was not impressed, drivers seat is leather and well worn, headliner needs replaced, and are a lot of little rock chips on nose (white chips on black - NG) and a few places where the paint has been polished down to the primer. OTOH nothing is irreversible

But it drove very well, shifts a bit loose (bushings?) but finds all gears, cruise works, runs cool, and feels good.

Has its detriments but is (1) all there except for the radio (original wheels are provided also). (2) Is straight and (central Florida) rustfree. (life is too short to deal with rust).

In the end a price is agreed upon and it follows me home.

As arrived:

Changed back to factory rims with 225/60R16s (like my Reattae) and like better.

Interior - as arrived:

Now has correct original radio, casette adapter with microphone for cell phone so steering wheel controls work and has handsfree capability like all of my other cars. Took over a full day to return the wiring harness to stock.

Note the redline

Frankly I think it looks better with the Crosslaced wheels and 225x60R16s. Note the taillights with red on top and amber below. Sedans are reversed.

Did need to create some tire clearence on the cladding at the back of the front tires, backs are fine.

This is the most crowded engine compartment I've ever seen, almost any service requires removing other things. Have to remove the air box to get to the AC ports. Battery is under the windshield washer resovoir. ICM and coils are under the forward exhaust manifold. Note the GM habit of mounting the entire engine in front of the strut tower.

Service manuals and parts books here now, FSM was incredibly inexpensive for 14 lbs of books. About a dollar a pound with shipping.

And so it goes.

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